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Welcome to my Ever Quest page!
I retired from Ever Quest shortly before Shannon was born, as I knew hat I would not have the time to continue.  Although I am no longer working a lot of overtime, I find that I was right.  I occassionally play Guild Wars now, but that is very rare.

Below are my characters that I have retired on the Tribunal server, as well as some other screen shots.

* Characters are members of Conclave of Eternity.

Naturewalker Sybastian Tigerfist*
Level 61 Human Druid (Main)

Sybastian is an officer in the Conclave of Eternity guild. Here he is modeling his new epic weapon, the Nature Walker's Scimitar.  Not a great picture, but it'll do for now.  Syb has a pet bear, that reminds me of my little black kitten, Samhaintha.

(in wolf form)

One of the many well-admired traits of a druid is his/her ability to assume the form of a wolf. This ability can be shared when a druid reaches Level 39.
Faeona Wynterwolf*
Level 34 Woodelf Warrior

Faeona was my original character in EQ. She has grown dusty over the past few years, as it is hard to adjust from a druid to a warrior. I solo a lot. That is not an option for a warrior.
Oiche Shamhna*
Level 24 Dark Elf Necromancer

On Halloween, 2000, I decided to create Oiche Shamhna, whose name is Gaelic for "Halloween". A very difficult character to play. She is the only non-redhead of the bunch, but we don't hold it against her, as she has a pet skeleton, and that just creeps some people out!
Breacnait Pogmothoin*
Level 24 Woodelf Ranger

Another difficult character to play. I jokingly refer to her as the daughter of Sybastian and Faeona, as rangers are kind of like a druid/warrior cross breed.
Alainnrua Draiodoir*
Level 24 Human Enchanter

Not a very good picture of her, but I'm working on a better one. She is very hard to play alone, as well, but she is very welcomed, now that she can cast magic enhancements. I must admit the 2600 platinum that I spent on her robe is very appealing!
Kittyboo Wigglepounce*
Level 31 Vah Shir Beast Lord

Kittyboo is a nickname for my fuzzy little "warder", Sebastian. I had another cat named Sebastian, who passed away on July 20th, 2000, and to whom my druid is dedicated. I felt it only fair to create this character and name him after my cute companion. His warder reminds me of Morgan, my little orange tiger, adopted on Halloween, 2004.  Kittyboo replaced my previous Beast Lord, named Sprynkles.
Level 25 High Elf Cleric

She is my replacement cleric. I had a halfling cleric named Baldryck (after the quirky character from Black Adder), but retired him at Level 6.
Ruadhnait Quinlander*
Level 23 Barbarian Shaman

Like Breacnait, I created this character due to excessive loot items that would work for her class. She's a tough one to play, at times, but very useful later on, like most characters are.
Pyrfection (Good Friend) Level "Too Damn High!"
Pyrfection has been a very good friend of mine in EQ since shortly after we both started playing back in 2000. She apparently retired early in 2005.  Just not the same without her.


One Big-Ass spider!

I came upon Terrorantula in South Ro when I was hunting Sand Giants.  Easy to take out (root, DoT, DoT, DoT, med).  The spider next to it is a dune tarantula, I believe.


This is Babbo.  He was away for awhile... apparently too long.  Obviously, he's not afraid to display public affection.  All kidding aside, he has made playing EQ much more enjoyable, and I wish we had more EQ time together.  The little bastard past me in level! 

This is my first cat, Sebastian, who sadly died unexpectedly on July 20th, 2000.  I named my main character, Sybastian, after him.