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This is the house that I'm currently working on buying.

It's in a nice are in Grand Rapids, MI.

Living Room

This is a nice-sized living room, with a nice wood-burning fireplace and plenty of socializing space.


This kitchen is very out-dated.  i have always wanted to redo a kitchen.  I might be able to paint/stain the cabinets that are there now and redo them.  I'd change the counter top and the floor tiles as well.

Basement (partial view) with actual bomb shelter

This pic does not show how big the basement is.  The house was built during the Cold War, when they were building bomb shelters in houses.  Great for tornados!


I don't know which of the two bedrooms will be the master bedroom.  They are both spacious, and have hardwood floors under the carpet.  The pictures do not do the rooms justice. They are a lot bigger than they appear.

2nd Bedroom

Again, doesn't really show how large the room is.

Front view

There is not a lot of spacing between houses in this city, but this really isn't too bad. I've seen a lot worse.  The yard is very deep.


This is a view standing at the back of the lot.  It doesn't give a great perspective, but gives you a good idea that there is room.  I'll put in a garden eventually to raise my army of pumpkins!