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Here are some pictures of my family

There are some older pictures from when I was spending most of my weekends living my double life between Grand Rapids and Newaygo.

Wendy and the Pups

This is my wife and our beagles: Sammy, Pugsley (hidden), Grace, and Molly.

Me and the beagles

This is me and (from left to right) Molly (leaving the scene), Sammy, Grace, and Pugsley.

The orphan

Max was the first "shared child" that Wendy and I had.  He was rescued three times by Wendy.  I helped the second time around.

Libby and Bud

Libby and Bud are Wendy's original cats.  Bud is a big boy.


This is my little orange boy, Morgan, who I adopted on Halloween, 2004.  He and his siblings love to sit on the dining room table..... against my wishes.  I took this picture on St Patrick's Day, 2005.

My Kids

Here are my kids: Sebastian, Morgan, and Samhaintha (adopted on 11/12/04).

Sammy's duck

"Don't touch my duckie!"