Shannon McKenzie Drouillard
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This page is where we will show off our precious little daughter
She is such a quiet, sweet little girl.  We know we should treasure these moments.

Working on her performing career

Ok, we're not sure if this is the "Y" in YMCA, or if she is "raising the roof" (that one's for you, Ana), but she sure makes cute gestures!

I envy her relaxed state

I hope to learn a lot from this one....

Shiny, Happy Baby

Or, could be Stinky, Gassy Baby.... but we prefer to think she's smiling... regardless of the reason.

Someone is sleepy!

Ok, this is our family salute these days, as we could all use a little more rest.

Make daddy proud!

Shannon can belch like the best of them.... I'll have to have a competition between her and Sebastian (my belching cat) someday. 

That was then, this is now!

She loves to have her picture taken. She knows she's cute.

Shannon, show me your "grumpy face"!

Shannon has done this look for a very long time, but on Christmas Eve she started doing it by request.  It's adorable.  After she does the look, her Irish eyes light up brightly and she giggles and smiles.